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Colin Spindler’s CULT Group Coffee Sequence is a mystical space yarn for lovers of psychedelic science fiction.

CULT Group, a corporate entity shrouded in mystery and connected somehow to humans’ colonization of Mars, is promising the impossible. It claims that the human mind can be separated from the body via a strange VR-like process called Sequencing. If CULT Group’s claims check out, then human beings might just be able to cheat death.

Could disembodied immortality be at last within humanity’s grasp? Or is CULT Group full of beans? The mysterious Participant sets out to investigate.

Of Bots and Beans introduces readers to the reclusive actress Dame Saffron Von Scruplescotch, the fumbling Director Jerubimbo Gripebagger, the mysterious Participant, the eccentric ideas of Sir Francis Buildobare, and the ever-present metamorphic nanobiotech bots crawling all over everything.

Of Bots and Beans is a Kindle Unlimited short read SF fans won’t want to miss.



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Presently, I’ve set out for the indie publishing territory with CULT Group Coffee Sequence, a zany Humor / SF series about coffee, consciousness, space ghosts, et cetera.

Volume I is free with #kindleunlimited.

Fundraiser for My Cousin’s Cancer Treatment

My cousin John has cancer. It’s in recurrence and he’s going in for experimental treatment. He and his wife will have no income during the 4 to 6 months that the treatment takes.

There’s a link to their gofundme campaign at the bottom of this article.


Liz and John

He’s a great guy.

He deserves to be around to see his kids grow up.

Please help out if you can.